About us

For more than 60 years, Compagnie Marocaine de Plâtre et d’Enduit (CMPE) is 1st largest national producer and 1st exporter of the Kingdom to markets:

  • Of Europe (Spain, Portugal, Denmark),
  • Of Africa (Senegal, Côte d'Ivoire, Gabon, Guinea, Burkina-Faso, Togo, Nigeria),
  • Of Asia (Japan).
A position that has been the result of constant efforts over the years to extend the production units of Safi factory, modernize its equipment, develop new technologies and at the cutting edge of new products, The monolayer plaster mortars.
The importance of CMPE activities at the level of industry and construction in Morocco, its position as a national leader in this sector, its openness to foreign markets, its concern for employment and the qualification of men and women Who accompany them ... make CMPE a corporate citizen and a major player in the economic and social evolution of Morocco.

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About CMPE

Materials and Production Capacity

Investments made so far:

  • 02 crushing units
  • 04 lines for the manufacture of plaster, with a total capacity of 2000 t/day
  • 01 rotary packing machine with 8 spouts and another with 6 spouts
  • 01 palletizer of 80 t/hour
  • 01 line for plastering mortar
  • 01 plaster slab manufacturing line

With these investments, CMPE's annual capacity is increased to:

  • 640 000 tons of plaster
  • 50 000 tons of plaster to be projected
  • 500 000 tons of gray gypsum
  • 50 000 tons of white gypsum
  • 320 000 m² of ceiling tiles

CMPE, A company with more than 60 years of history ...

Since 1974

Notre histoire

Created in 1974, to take over the activities of the "Compagnie Marocaine", present in the field of plaster and gypsum since the late 40s, our company, the "Compagnie Marocaine de Production et d'Exportation", changed reason Social and modernized its visual identity to become, in 2006, the "Compagnie Marocaine de plâtre et d'Enduit".

History of CMPE

Construction of the first industrial plaster factory by the "Compagnie Marocaine"

The Safari group becomes a shareholder of the "Compagnie Marocaine". The latter becomes the "Compagnie Marocaine de production et d’Exportation"

The Safari group acquires the entire capital of the company

Knauf Group, a world leader in the plaster industry, becomes a shareholder of CMPE

CMPE changes its name and becomes "Compagnie Marocaine de Plâtre et Enduit"

Opening in Casablanca of a showroom dedicated mainly to the prefabricated plaster products and accessories of its partner Knauf

Doubling of production capacity through the acquisition of the second plaster manufacturing line

Acquisition, for the first time in Morocco, of a mixing unit for the manufacture of monolayer plastering mortar

Acquisition of the third production line which increased the production capacity to approximately 1,500 tons of plaster per day

Acquisition of the fourth production line that brings production capacity to about 2000 tons of plaster per day, making the largest CMPE plant in Africa.

Acquisition of a bagger.

Acquisition of a new production line for ceiling tiles.

Nos conventions

In 2010, CMPE concluded a supply agreement agreement with BATIPRO for the distribution of its products through its network of franchisees.
In 2012, CMPE signed an agreement with the OFPPT for the training of laureates in the plaster trades. Thus, five pilot centers have been set up and equipped by the CMPE.
An agreement has been concluded with the school of architecture of Casablanca to share with students the know-how and expertise in the field of plaster.
Convention with Art-Com to share with the students its know-how and its expertise in the field of plaster.