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CMPE has built its reputation around its two flagship brands: Gazelle and Nejma, known by all building professionals throughout Morocco and also in the countries of West Africa.


    Building plaster

  • Gypsum building plaster is a plaster for staff that is used to manufacture false ceilings and other decorative items for building. It contributes to thermal and sound insulation and good resistance to fire. Pure and natural product, without additives, pure and suitable for all types of coatings.
  • Technical sheet "Gazelle"   Technical sheet "Nejma"
  • Extra fine plaster

  • Extremely fine plaster is used, among other things, in the manufacture of molds for the ceramic industry, as an inner coating and in the paint industry. Pure and natural product, without additives, suitable for all types of coatings. It is non-toxic and has no danger in contact with the skin.
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    Plaster mortar

  • Gazelle MPE 80 is a one-coat plaster that is applied mechanically while Gazelle Taloche 60 plaster mortar is applied manually or mechanically to all absorbent substrates in new or renovated buildings, except wet commercial premises. It is suitable as a finishing coat for interior walls and ceilings.
  • Technical sheet "MPE 80"  Technical sheet "Taloche 60"
  • Natural Fiber Rolls

  • The tow is a complementary product of the plaster. Natural sisal fiber is used for making and hanging decorations such as staffs, friezes ... For its high strength, it is traditionally used for the production of agricultural twine and ropes. It is used as a building material for plaster works (gypsum)
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  • Cracked, Eroded, Sanded, Semi-perforated round, Semi-perforated square
  • Pure and natural product, without additives, pure and suitable for all types of coatings. Our range of slabs allows us to use in several areas, especially for offices, hospital, commercial ...
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  • Plasterboard, Cement board, Partitions
  • The offer Knauf covers almost all applications of a building: floors, walls, facades, partitions, ceilings, roofs and in all functions: structure, thermal and acoustic insulation, fire protection and decoration. The Knauf offer is able to satisfy all demands of building professionals.
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