Our training center

Knowing that the performance and efficiency of its products depend on the quality of their implementation to obtain the best results, CMPE opened a training center for plaster professionals


This center is located next to the CMPE showroom in Casablanca.


This center has been laid out over an area of more than 250 m².


This center has a capacity of 20 trainees. Over a year, the center can train or deepen the technical knowledge of more than 350 trainees and plaster professionals.


This center offers both theoretical and practical courses. Both theoretical and practical training is provided free of charge.

Technical assistance

The training center also provides our clients with the necessary technical assistance, especially for the start-up of major projects.


A reception area of 30 m², a theoretical classroom of 75 m², a practical training room on the dry system of 40 m², a practical training room on the wet system of 40 m² and a cloakroom with showers of 15 m².